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Italy – Sardinia


  • 7 days
  • singles, couples, w/ kids
  • spring, summer, fall

A relaxing week in southern Sardinia. The advantage of Sardinia is that you can take a holiday here almost any time of year, you can either come in the summer for the swimming, or you can travel here in spring or autumn for exploring and hiking. Early autumn is ideal because then you can do both. The itinerary is created in such a way so that everyone can find there what they like. The nature is really nice in Sardinia, there is the wild west coast, beautiful beaches, and even sand dunes. Also, there are plenty of sights: from the Neolithic buildings of Nuraghe to one of the most valuable archaeological sites, Area Archeologica di Nora. Add to that the great local cuisine, very nice people and you have a great week. If you want to come to Sardinia with small children, just modify our suggestions a little, shorten the crossings and travel here when it is possible to swim. Sardinia tends to be packed with tourists in high season, but off season it gets much less crowded, and you'll find it to be a very calming place.

4.4 / 5

Upon arrival at Cagliari Airport, you will pick up your rental car. You will drive to the west coast to the town of Nebida, where there are beautiful holiday homes aka your accommodation. In the early evening you can take a lovely walk to the Il Belvedere de Nebida viewpoint and have dinner here.

The next day you will go to the beautiful little beach Spiaggia di Masua and see the almost unbelievable engineering work of Porto Flavio. If you’d like you can go on a nice walking trek of about 12 km here as well.

On the third day you will explore the Parco della Giara Tuili where you will find beautiful nature and wild horses. It is actually the largest population of wild horses in Europe that they have here. Then you will look at Su Nuraxi di Barumini, where there is a large nuraghe, which is one of the typical Sardinian buildings that date back to the Neolithic period. In the afternoon you will visit a modern winery called Su'entu – they offer tastings. Alternatively, you can visit the remains of the Castello di Acquafredda.

On the fourth day, you will visit the beach called Spiaggia di Piscinas, and you will marvel at the high sand dunes which are part of UNESCO. It is a strange and unexpected sight. It's as if the desert is merging with the sea. The beach itself is very nice, but beware, parts of it are nudist. On the way back you will stop at the former mine Su Zurfuru Mine. The tour here is great and you shouldn’t miss it! Just a short distance from the mine is the beautiful karst cave Grotte di Su Mannau.

The next day there is a bit longer crossing to the southern part of the island, where you will find the most archaeologically valuable site in Sardinia, Area Archeologica di Nora. The town here was first Phoenician, then Carthaginian and finally a very important Roman town, a jewel that has stood there for three millennia. On the way back you will explore the southern coast and see the very nice and extensive Grotte Is Zuddas.

On the sixth day, you will take a morning cruise from the port of Buggerru and then a beautiful 14 km long hike. On the last day, if time allows it, you can visit the capital city of Cagliari. Then just return the car and the holiday is over. 

Author: Jirka Maleček
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Travel Info

Plane tickets – use your favourite flight search engine. If you don't have a favourite, try kiwi.com.

Restaurants – if you come to Sardinia in the low season, many restaurants will be closed, but locals will be happy to tell you where to go.

Prices at the destination – nice accommodation isn’t exactly cheap. On the other hand, it’s not overpriced either, and there's a wide variety of choice.

Calls and data – for EU citizens, everything is the same as at home. WiFi is common in hotels and restaurants and is free.

When to come here – practically any time of year except the winter months. In the months of July and August, there are a lot of people here. So, it's best to travel here in spring or autumn. If the weather is nice, the end of February or the beginning of March is a very pleasant time – daily temperatures around 15°C (well, it is not for swimming yet, but nature is waking up which is beautiful and most importantly – there are no tourists).

Website – a nice website with information about Sardinia can be found here.


  • Book or buy your plane tickets

  • Book accommodation

  • Arrange your car rental (AVIS)

  • Adjust the plan for the first and last day according to the arrival and departure times

  • Get your travel insurance

  • Just in case, download some offline maps to your phone, for example the maps.me app or the tourist maps in mapy.cz app

What will you see on the way?

Evening walk at Il Belvedere de Nebida

Il Belvedere de Nebida

A beautiful viewpoint with several short walking paths. It is absolutely amazing to watch the sunsets from here. There are also restaurants nearby.

Spiaggia di Puglia

Spiaggia di Piscinas

A beautiful beach surrounded by the sea and incredible sand dunes. It is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a nudist beach. The surrounding dunes are really great, definitely worth a look and a walk.

Area Archeologica di Nora

Area Archeologica di Nora

The city was first Phoenician, then Carthaginian and finally a very important Roman city. It is a jewel that has been there for three millennia. The site is quite extensive, and you can either go on a guided tour or on your own. There is also a virtual tour on their website.

Daily itinerary

Day 1

Arrival, car rental and accommodation

Arrival, car rental followed by transfer to accommodation. Evening walk to the sea.

Day 2

Variable programme according to the time of year

Choose either a swim on the beach, a shorter hike or a trip to the island of Sant'Antioco.

Day 3

Discovery programme

Morning hike in the Parco della Giara Tuili Nature Park. Tour of Su Nuraxi di Barumini. Excursion in the winery and the ruins of the Castello di Acquafredda.

Day 4

Beach or trip? Or both?

Spiaggia di Piscinas beach – either for walking or swimming. Interesting tour of the former mine Su Zurfuru Mine. Tour of the Grotte di Su Mannau cave.

Day 5

Road trip along the southern coast of Sardinia

Archaeologically significant site Area Archeologica di Nora. Walk to Capo Spartivento with its many beaches. Visit to the beautiful Grotte Is Zuddas.

Day 6

Sightseeing cruise and trek

Cruise to Pan di Zucchero. Walking trip of 14 km. Possibly one of the alternative destinations.

Day 7

Tour of Cagliari

Sights and market in Cagliari. Transfer to the airport and departure.

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