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Italy – Sardinia


  • 5 days
  • singles, couples, w/ kids
  • spring, summer, fall

A short road trip around north-western Sardinia. Ideal in spring and autumn when Sardinia is not crowded with tourists and the weather is pleasant. You will discover the history, the nature, the sea. You will also visit beautiful small towns and villages. In addition, when you arrive outside the high season, the tourist restaurants and cafés will remain closed, and you will have the opportunity to taste the true flavours of Sardinia in more authentic establishments. The holiday starts with your arrival at the airport near Alghero. Rent a small car, it will be much easier to park in the local narrow streets. You will spend the first two days exploring the western part of the island and then move north. There are plenty of ways to extend this short trip or modify your programme.

4.8 / 5

4,8You'll start by arriving at Alghero airport, where you'll pick up your rental car. The transfer to Alghero is short and the city and its surroundings will offer you plenty of activities for your first day. If you're arriving in the morning, consider renting bikes in the city to explore the surrounding area in an unconventional and fun way.

On the second day, you'll explore the truly magnificent Grotta di Nettuno cave, before transferring to the town of Bosa. The journey itself is beautiful and offers plenty of views – choose the route along the sea. The town of Bosa is ancient, but more importantly, it's incredibly photogenic, so if you like to take photos, you'll love it here. In the evening, you'll stay in the medieval village of Santu Lussurgiu, which lies in the middle of the countryside. It's like a different world. If you like peace and quiet, you'll want to stay here for at least a week. Plus, you'll get to have dinner at a really great restaurant here!

On the third day, you'll head to the Sinis Peninsula, specifically to its southern part, where you'll find Tharros, an ancient city with more than two thousand years of history. Especially in the off season it is a beautiful place. We spent a little over two hours here and the whole time we were just by ourselves with no other tourists in sight. The mysterious place Pozzo Santa Cristina might scare you a little bit. You will also be intrigued by the ancient nuraghe buildings. In the evening you arrive in the seaside town of Castelsardo.

On the fourth day, you'll see the Capo Testa peninsula – it's a beautiful piece of nature and you could easily spend half a day here, or even a whole day if it's warm. The late afternoon will have to be enough for you to explore the town of Castelsardo.

On the last day, you can make a stop in the very nice town of Sassari on the way to the airport. We did this trip in early spring and it was perfect. No tourists, very friendly local people, great cuisine, and beautiful scenery. I believe you will easily fall in love with Sardinia.

Author: Jirka Maleček
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Travel Info

Plane tickets – use your favourite flight search engine. If you don't have a favourite, try kiwi.com.

Restaurants – if you come here in the off season, many restaurants will be closed, but locals will be able to tell you where to go and get the best food.

Prices at the destination – as expected nice accommodation isn’t exactly cheap. On the other hand, it’s not overpriced either, and there's a wide variety of choice.

Calls and data – for EU citizens, everything is the same as at home. WiFi is common in hotels and restaurants and is free.

When to come here – practically any time except winter months. In the summer months of July and August there are a lot of people here. So, it's best to go in spring or autumn. If the weather is nice, the end of February or the beginning of March is a very pleasant time – daily temperatures around 15°C, it is not for swimming, but nature is waking up. And most importantly: there are no tourists this time of year.

Website – a nice website with information about Sardinia can be found here.

TIP – if you have an extra day of vacation, you can extend your stay in Santo Lussurgio and plan some hiking for at least one morning.


  • Buy your plane tickets

  • Book your accommodation

  • Arrange car rental (AVIS)

  • Make a timetable for the first and last day according to your arrival and departure times

  • Get your travel insurance

  • Download offline maps, just in case. For example, in the maps.me app

What will you see on the way?

Trip di Grotta di Nettuno

Grotta di Nettuno

One of the most beautiful caves I have ever seen. The access road is nice, especially the way back up. The cave can also be reached by boat from Alghero, but only in good weather and it takes quite long.

Be sure not to skip this!

Transfer to the Tharros peninsula


More than two thousand years of history. Ruins of an ancient city, founded in the 8th century BC and abandoned in the 11th century AD. Remains of Roman buildings. At the end of the cape are the remains of a Nuragic settlement. In addition, there are beautiful beaches. Very nice place, quite a large area. There are also several bars and restaurants by the car park – they don’t have completely bad reviews, but I haven’t tried them, we were here out of season, and everything was closed.

Really nice and interesting place – history, beaches, sea.

Nuraghe Losa

Nuraghe Losa

Nuraghe Losa – perhaps an ancient village. Everything is made of basalt. Possibly a legacy of an extinct and still somewhat mysterious civilisation in Sardinia, dating back to the Bronze Age.

Don't miss this place!

Daily itinerary

Day 1

Arrival in Alghero and city tour

Upon arrival pick up the car. Transfer to the centre of Alghero. Accommodation and sightseeing.

Day 2

Transfer to the village of Santu Lussurgiu

Morning tour of the cave Grotta di Nettuno. Stop and visit the town of Bosa. Transfer to the village of Santu Lussurgiu.

Day 3

Rich third day of the road trip

First, you will take a tour of the historic Tharros. Then you'll head to the mysterious site of Pozzo Santa Cristina. Then you'll take a tour of Nuraghe Losa. Transfer to the town of Castelsardo.

Day 4

The beautiful peninsula of Capo Testa

Transfer to Capo Testa. Visit Sito Archeologico Lu Brandali – Mostra di Archeologia Nuragica. Stop at Roccia dell'Elefante. Return to Castelsardo.

Day 5

Sassari city tour and transfer to the airport

On the last day, you can explore the town of Sassari in the morning or choose another of the alternative destinations. Transfer to the airport and departure.

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