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How does it work?

Travellect is a travel portal designed to help you plan your dream holiday! Specifically, it is a database of verified itineraries, in other words realised vacations, that you can access for free and use as a guide or inspiration for your own travels.

For example, would you like to go to Israel but don’t know exactly where to go or how to plan everything? Look up one of our routes through Israel and you’ll have a detailed itinerary for each day, including tips, and advice on what and where to see and how to arrange everything beforehand. Or maybe you are a seasoned traveller looking for inspiration for your next adventure: take a look at our itineraries or consult our POI (point of interest) index and you’re sure tfind plenty of wonderful places to visit.

Everything we list on the Travellect website has been completed and visited by us or other travellers. And because we wanted to share our adventures, we’ve turned our trips into itineraries so others can enjoy them too!

What is Travellect?

  • A sophisticated guide to creating your active holiday from A to Z.

  • Inspiration for experienced travellers, a guide for beginners.

  • A list of itineraries, destinations, daily programmes, recommendations, and advice for a given location (tips on accommodation, meals, links to car rental companies, interesting sights, up-to-date information, country visa requirements, etc.). All verified and realised by us and our authors.

  • Unpaid portal.

Co je Travellect?

Co není Travellect?

What is not Travellect?

  • Sales portal.

  • Plane tickets, accommodation, car rental or sightseeing tickets are paid directly to the provider.


Choose your destination

In the Destinations tab, select the country you want to go.


Choose your route

For each destination, you can choose from our range of individual routes, which vary in length, difficulty, activities, and places to visit along the way. Choose a route that appeals to you and matches your interests!


Read the route details

Find out what’s in store for you on this journey. Pay particular attention to the information in the “Travel Info” and “Process” sections for everything you need to do and prepare before your trip.


Go through the daily programme

Carefully review the programme for each day. You will find all the information about what to expect on a given day in the description of the Detail of the Day. In the “What will you visit?” section you will find a schematic overview of the places you will visit on the day. Alternatively, you can customize your daily itinerary via the “Customize your route” button.


Book your services

Book your flights, accommodation, transport and, if necessary, restaurants according to our recommendations. You can always find the contact details of the provider in the details of the POI. A list of what you need to arrange before your trip can be found in the itinerary details in the “Travel Info” and “Process” sections.


Share your plans

Share your planned route with others on your trip. Let others know where you are going!


Support us and get an interactive PDF

If you want to support our website, please purchase a PDF with the route description. The purchased PDF is interactive and contains all the important information for your trip. Download it to your mobile phone and have all the information you need at your fingertips! For each route you can choose between two versions of the PDF; the cheaper version contains a schematic overview of the days and the individual activities, while the more expensive PDF version contains full descriptions of the days with all the necessary details. By purchasing the PDF, you are supporting Travellect so that it can continue to grow!


Rate your experience

Don’t forget to rate the route on your return! Add comments and photos to each POI to help other travellers with their planning.

Important tips:

  • Difficulty and capabilities: consider your physical, time, and financial capabilities when planning.
  • Schedule: The proposed daily schedules are usually very busy, and not everyone will be comfortable with that. Adapt the schedule to your preferences.
  • Price: you can influence the price of your holiday by your choice of accommodation, meals, and transport.
  • Planning hiking routes and trips: always consider in advance whether you can manage the proposed hiking trip. Study information about routes, difficulty, and elevation.